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We are back from Hawaii where we celebrated Tom’s 50th birthday.  There are some photos posted at



After getting back I was going to make a printed 2013 blog book like I do each year, but in the process I figured out how to make a pdf version of my entire blog and how to publish it on for kindles.  It is listed at in the unlikely event you would like one.  Warning: it has not been edited or shortened in any way and is the entire blog from the beginning.  And so is ~15000 pages on my kindle fire.

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5 Responses to Kindle Book

  1. Teresa says:

    How cool! I’m going to have to figure that out.

  2. Tina T-P says:

    Looks like you were on the Big Island? My sister & Bro-in-law have been there for the last two weeks and a co-worker has been on Maui. & My boss & his wife are going to Maui for two weeks starting Saturday. I’m feeling cold and lonely…..

    Happy birthday to Mr. Tom – congrats on joining all us old people 🙂 T.

    • Donna says:

      We were on the Big Island and Maui. Sorry you are cold and lonely. It gets that way here so I glad I had the chance to warm my bones this winter. Probably won’t get to again for awhile. I will pass on your happy birthday and congratulations. Does that mean he is old and I am not at 48?


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