Mo on Prozac

front doorSo our dog Mopar is on Prozac.  She has had increasing anxiety and is scared of noises, like thunder, gunshots, fireworks, etc.  Unfortunately it has been getting worse and when she gets scared she claws at the house trying to get in.  If we are not around she damages the house.  Above is our front door, and below is some of the siding.

sidingAnd our back door:

back doorWe will not fix these until she passes on, but we have replaced the porch gates three times and replaced the siding on the pumphouse which she busted through several times.  So we took her to the vet and now she is on Prozac.  This morning I noticed that there are gunshots and no damage!  Maybe the Prozac is helping, and our house can remain standing.

In other news, there is not been much.  One of our rescue goats Wiki died.  She never quite recovered from her years of neglect.  And an older white Satin Angora Susan rabbit died.  The hogs are at butcher size, but we have to wait until February 1 for the butcher. In the meantime they are eating a lot and breaking through our fencing, raising havoc.

The rams have stopped beating each other up and are recovering slowly from their injuries.  Here is Lewis playing King of the Hay.

King of the hayAnd here he is looking a little less majestic:

less majestic LewisGO HAWKS!!!

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  1. Denise says:

    that second picture of Lewis is so funny- almost shot coffee out my nose. What a face! Sure hope the prozac helps Mopar’s anxiety and she can stop throwing all that nervous energy into destroying your doorways!

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