Cool Post and Birds

wooden post

So yesterday I took on the task of putting in a wooden post for our newspaper box as our old one had rotted out.  I did this all by myself as Tom was fighting to resurrect our ancient rototiller (and was unsuccessful).  I used a post hold digger and a digging bar and planted a very solid post.  I am proud of this accomplishment.  I did not learn these kinds of skills growing up in the suburbs of Seattle, but Tom has taught me a lot since then.

cool woodpecker

I also cleaned out and refilled our wood fired hot tub yesterday.  While I was doing this I noticed the above woodpecker on a nearby cottonwood tree that we mean to take down.

While trying to take a photo of him I managed also to take an out-of-focus photo of an oriole nest in the same tree.  I do not think it is being occupied and mean to try to save it when the tree does come down.

oriole nest

Finally today I was appreciating one of our hens, one of my favorites.  She is a mutt from a Brown Leghorn hen and an unidentified rooster.  I love her pretty colors.  She has a calm personality and lays well.

cool henPS Saw my first swallow today


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