Smish died last night.  He was a cat we inherited from Tom’s daughter at about 3 years of age because she couldn’t keep him any more.  He was an outdoor cat, refused to come in the house even in the worst weather.  He enjoyed being in the yard and sleeping and eating on the back porch.  He fought with the other cats and did not like the dogs other than he would curl up with Vanessa on the front porch.  I could rarely pet him after I gave him a shot in 2009 (couldn’t catch him for any since) but he let Tom pet him.  He had a loud Siamese-type meow he would use when he was unhappy with the food situation.  He got a little fat in his older years (now 12) which may have contributed to his demise.  Because he liked to squeeze under our front porch, run across our busy road and hunt in the ditches over there.  I thought he had gotten too fat to fit under the fence anymore because I had not seen him do it in a long time.  But he somehow manage to get out on the road and get hit (likely because he is not as fast as he used to be).  He was hit in the hip so almost made it.  He managed to pull himself back into our yard.  We tried to make him comfortable but he did not make it, likely internal bleeding.  Unfortunately he lives up to his name.  He was a character and will be missed.  Here are photos of him through his life with us.  The one above is from this year.


Rocky Smish and a Superbeesunny smishsmish_2sunny Smish_2

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