Hay 2014

hay loft and peacock

So on the afternoon of July 2, our hay supplier/neighbor called to say they would be delivering the first 2 loads of hay (10 tons) that evening.  This is the first we heard of it so scramble to move the cows out of the field and get things ready.  Tom tarped the hay after we got it and then unloaded it with the help of his son the following day (I was conveniently at work).  Above is the hay loft half full (and a peacock being displaced from the loft they had claimed).  Below is the hay barn more than half full.

hay barn

That evening he delivered 2 more trailers of 4 tons each.

hay wagon1

hay wagon2

Tom did not want to unload these on the fourth of July as he was sore and going to a BBQ/fireworks at his brother’s so I tarped these and waited until today.  This morning I got up early, Tom’s son came over early (somewhat hungover), but Tom had not yet returned from his brother’s.  So Thomas and I unloaded most of one of the trailer and filled the hay barn and started on the second trailer into the hay loft.  This is when Tom showed up, woozy from the evening’s events.  His father and nephew came as well, and we finished unloading the trailer.  We then tried to bring the partially filled trailer over, but it had sunk partially into the ground and our tractor could not pull it.  So Tom grabbed his truck and with the help of his family got it hooked up and pulled the trailer over.

George Nicholas Thomas with truck an dhay trailer

Then we finished unloading the last trailer.  Here is the last bale going into the hay loft.

last bale

We had to get critter approval of the new hay.  Below are the cows, goats and sheep all approving.

critter approval

We took the family out to lunch (Bob’s) and afterward let the sheep and goats into the field to clean up the loose hay.  We are glad to have the hay put up for the winter but are quite tired and sore too.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Nice-looking hay! Glad you had some help; feels so good to have it all in the barn, doesn’t it?

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Michelle! It is nice looking hay and smells good. We are very happy to have it safely sheltered and to have enough for the winter.

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