Farm Equipment

new mule

We bought this mule yesterday.  It is a 2006 model, and we purchased it for $900.  It was well used but runs well.  Supposedly this is a good deal.  We are hoping we will be able to use this instead of the hand cart and save our backs and knees.  We used it today to take some waste wool out back to compost.  We also used our new tractor (instead to the hand cart) to move manure/straw to the spreader.

loading spreader with tractorHere is a video of the spreader in action.  I always think of hydroplanes’ rooster tails when I spread shit.


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  1. sheepsclothing says:

    the mule should be great help- no end to the things that need hauling back and forth! I’m usually the mule here 🙂 but thankfully our place is quite a bit smaller.

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