Our Labor Day Weekend Trip

camper van at hunters cabinto Orondo to pick crabapples was a little different this year.  We started off by heading to my father’s burnt cabin to help clean up the debris.  We got all the rest of the metal collected into piles, and some of it was trailered away.  We also got the rest of the debris collected into piles ready for disposal.  This is the first time I had seen the devastation in person.  It was impressive to see.  There are a couple of things Tom had forgotten to take photos of the previous weekend.  One was the tree that my niece Loki is hugging in the slideshow.  It does not look like it is going to make it.

loki treeThe other is a photo of the homestead cabin.  It definitely did not make it.

burnt homestead

But the small graveyard in front of it did survive.

homestead graves

The time at the Snag Canyon burn was not all work.  I did find a little time to knit in the camper van.


Then we headed to Orondo to pick the crabapples.  Here is the camper van in the orchard.

camper van in orchard

We then headed home through the remains of the Carlton Complex fire.  Here are some of the burnt hills.

burnt hills

Here is one of the burnt down homes.

burnt home

I brought home two morbid souvenirs of my father’s cabin.  One is melted aluminum from his machines, and the other is a melted plate.

morbid souvenier

The air had a crispness to it this weekend.  I am very ready for summer to be over and the rains to come.



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