J. P. Patches’ Goats

PatchesIf you were growing up within the air waves of KIRO TV in Seattle in the 1960’s or 1970’s, you had the opportunity to grow up with J. P. Patches.  And that is what I did.  I watched him when I could, and my husband Tom also watched him in the mornings before getting on the bus to school.  I love his characters, recurring segments, cartoons and music.  I was a Patches Pal (not a Boris Buddy!) and paid attention to the check list.  I went on a field trip to see his set but do not remember seeing him in person as a kid.  I did meet him as an adult, and he signed my JP patches action figure.  I also have a T-shirt, book and all of his VCR tapes.  I bought a brick for his statue in Fremont.  His show had a lasting and positive influence on my life.

So with this history, I named many of my goats after characters or other aspects of the show.  He was never aware (I do not think) that I did this.  To me it is a tribute to his lasting influence and a reminder of the joy I experienced watching his show and its inventions. Above is Patches Pal.  She is the first goat I named after the show, and we still have her.  A description of Patches Pals is at http://www.jppatches.com/page86.htm and the J.P. Patches’ Check List is here.

gertrude We also still have Gertrude.  She was a bottle baby we raised.  We sold her into what turned out to be a neglectful home, and we have her back now.  She is named for Gertrude, J.P.’s girlfriend.

miss smith Above is Miss Smith, our other goat from the show.  A description of the real Miss Smith is here.   The rest of the goats (and one sheep) have moved to other homes.  Click on their names to find out what they were named after.

allaface Alla-Ka-Zoo is part of the code to open the secret door.  It is shown at the beginning of the video at https://www.youtube.com/  This is his last show and has many of the characters in it.

boris3 Boris S. Wort

esmerelda2 Esmerelda

frpletattooed frple

ggoorrsstt ggoorrsstt

Griswold Griswold

Henny Penny Henny Penny (click video clip #1)

jp Julius Pierpont

Ketchikan Ketchikan

oogachugga2 Ooga Chuka (click on furpls)

paddy Paddy Wagon

sturdley Sturdley

swamiface Swami of Pastrami

tikey Tikey Turkey

Zenobia Zenobia

So thank you Mr. Wedes and Mr. Newman as well as the others involved in the show.  You really helped me as well as thousands of other children.

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9 Responses to J. P. Patches’ Goats

  1. Teresa says:

    How fun! I love that you’ve paid such a lovely tribute on the blog as well as naming your goats after them.

  2. billiejw89 says:

    So cute. I enjoyed this post.

  3. kapperkay says:

    OMG!!! Another Patches Pal! I could have written your synopsis myself! Getting ready to catch the school bus in front of our stove (hope it doesn’t become the death of me, cough, cough..) while watching JP. Oh, how I miss that sweet, lovable clown. The closest I ever got to him, albeit through another person, was when my brother-in-law was driving down I-5 and lo and behold, there was JP in the car next to him. I still laugh just picturing that scenario. Rock on, Patches Pals!!!

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