Boob Friday

So in Seahawks Nation, today was Blue Friday, when fans wear the team’s colors.  So this morning while Tom and I were getting dressed in our Seahawks gear, Tom said it should be “Boob Friday”.  I thought that was appropriate since I was getting dressed to go to a mammogram appointment.

When I turned 40, I originally got my mammograms every year.  But then partially out of not prioritizing it and partially because of the NIH guidelines, I stopped getting them yearly.  But then on January tenth, 2011 I found a breast lump.  I then got my mammogram which was abnormal.  I was eventually diagnosed with lobular carcinoma in situ and atypical ductal hyperplasia.  I underwent bilateral lumpectomies and have been fine ever since.  And I get my mammograms yearly (as well as breast MRIs yearly).


So if I had not found my lump and delayed my mammogram further, there may have been a very different end to this story.  So you women of 40 or more years, if you have not had a mammogram in the last year, schedule one now.

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  1. Lois Moore says:

    Such good advice Donna. And I am so glad that your outcome was good!

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