Farm Mornings

Fancy and webs

This is my view the other morning doing farm chores.  You could see every spider web on the blades of grass in the morning dew and sunlight.  Here is the chore I was doing, one of the last bottles for Indy.  We finished the last of her milk replacer and she was weaned over Christmas.  And she is NOT happy about it.  But I love her hairdo.

Indys Do

And this was the view my security camera picked up yesterday morning.

Pretty cool huh?  I have not picked up any eggs stealers yet because I think the hummingbird is innocent.

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4 Responses to Farm Mornings

  1. billiejw89 says:

    Indy is so cute! I’d really like to have a cow here someday. Is it cold over there? Strange to see a hummingbird. That is awesome!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks! Indy is a cutey. It has been pretty mild but this morning it is below freezing. Some of the hummingbird winter over here but usually I do not see them. This year after I put up the Christmas light there has been one hanging around.

  2. I got a new hummer feed for Christmas and am waiting for the overwinterers to find it!

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