Triple Atmospheric River Event


Per Cliff Mass at his weather blog we are getting pounded with water.  The above photo (although quite impressive) was only the first and weakest of the rivers to hit us.  Our peacocks are already miserable and wet (and for some reason not in the barn).

wet peacock

And this naturally makes us concerned about flooding again.  So far our fields are muddy and wet but not completely covered with water.  We still have our sand bags at the front of our animal barn.  We have bags without sand at the ready if we need them for the hay barn.  We went to check the back of the property to see how our ditches and culvert were handling it, and it was not good.  Here is our culvert complete overrun with water.

our culvert

It turns out there was a white bucket that had washed down from the neighbors into it partially blocking it.  And here are our ditches overflowing with water onto our fields.

overflowing ditches

And here is the recently excavated ditch on the development above us draining their water onto our property rather than it continuing in their ditch and culvert system as it is supposed to.

newly diverted water

Tom chatted with one of the neighbors trying to be civil and explaining about how they are supposed to contain their water and not collect and redistribute it onto our land causing erosion, flooding and pollution.  The neighbor had all kinds of excuses including that their system cannot handle the water.  So instead they drop it on us to endanger our animals and hay.  We need a lawyer.

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  1. I wish I knew a good one for you…. :-/

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Michelle! We have the name of one who is described as “a bulldog” in land use issues. We just need to save up our money. I am just so mad that they excavated the water channel deeper to put even more water on our land. I guess we are their dumping ground for water and trash.

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