Fifty Shades of Mud

I have no intention of seeing this movie and have not read the books (I prefer non-fiction).  But I guess all the Seattle media hype about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has seared into my brain.  Because as I was doing chores I began wondering if we had fifty shades of mud here at Schoonover Farm.  So I started taking photos to document it.

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So what do you think?  Do we have 50 shades of mud at Schoonover Farm?

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  1. Hello. I am a graphic designer working on a project for a church in Minden, Nevada would like to use a photo of I found of your pig pen titled muddy-hogs-upset-llama-wide-and-needy-sheep-booted-goat-and-sunny-dogs. This is of a muddy space and metal shelter space.
    Can I have your permission to use this photos as our background graphic image?

    We would primarily be using this internally for promoting a series called Reckless and for a few online graphics.

    I also enjoyed the 50 shades of mud pics if by chance you would be willing to share these.

    Thank you for considering this and all the best with your business!

    Jennifer Brown

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