“Cabin” Cleanup

Mother Nature

We headed up to my dad’s “cabin” to help with the clean up. We still call it the cabin out of habit, but there is definitely no cabin there anymore. Gradually we will find a new name for it. Above and below are signs posted on the property that had an older cabin that also burned. It made me cry on the way to our “cabin”.

Hallowed GroundDad has placed a motor home on the property to stay in.  This is the view from it of the clean up in progress when we arrived.

view from motor home window

Here is the motor home with a wood pile on fire in front.
motorhome with burning wood pile
And here are views of the fires we worked on.
smokeorange sunWith a new view of Mount Rainier.orange sun and mount rainierfiressunset

This is the next morning.

next morningAnd this is one of the next piles we will have to deal with… later.

next pile to burn

The property now does not look like the property I remember, which may be a good thing.  It does not remind me constantly about what we lost, but seems like a new project (stump ranch) to be worked on.  Wish us strength and endurance because we will need both.

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