Early Birthday Presents and Chicken Vacation


I have received a couple of birthday presents already. My husband got me a couple of vintage rock posters and these flowers. My father got me a farm cart. I assembled it on a rainy day on the back porch. This was somewhat challenging because there are spaces between the floor board of the porch, and I had to be really careful not to drop any of the nuts, bolts, washers, etc. And it was challenging because the instructions were ridiculous. But I got it done. A farm cart is essential for moving things like feed around here especially during mud season. Hopefully this one will last many years to come.cart
I have also been cooking nostalgic foods. I have been posting about this at https://www.facebook.com/donna.schoonover rather than here as it is not farm related.  But since I have been making full recipes and there is only Tom and I, the chickens have been getting the leftovers.  It is kind of a chicken vacation.  Here they are eating sherry bundt cake, apple fritters and tiramisu.  This morning they got eggs rolls and chocolate zucchini cake.

chicken vacation

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8 Responses to Early Birthday Presents and Chicken Vacation

  1. I think I wish I was one of your chickens!

  2. Chic Mona says:

    Happy Birthday Donna!

  3. Beautiful flowers … but I’m jealous of that farm cart (and your chickens)!! 😉
    Happy birthday!

  4. Denise says:

    that’s a mighty good deal for those chickens! looks like at least one sheep wants to get in on it too 🙂

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