Birthday Trip with Lots of Photos

back of truckWe headed to the Olympic Peninsula for my birthday trip.  We took our truck and three dogs.  We started with the ferry to Port Townsend, complete with homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

cinnamon rolls in ferry lineOlympicsPort TownsendWe then headed to the Elwha River because I wanted to see the changes after the dams were removed.  Here is the site of the upper dam.

Elwha dam siteat damAnd the lower dam site.

lower dam site

And this is what the undammed river looks like with all its debris.

Elwha River

We stopped at this post office on the way to the coast,

Beaver post office

and ended up at the Quileute Oceanside Resort.

table at Quileute Oceanside Resortview from Quileute Oceanside Resort

We continued the vintage food theme with hamburger gravy for dinner,

hamburger gravy

and apple pie for dessert.

apple pie

And the we enjoyed a nice sunset behind James Island.

James Islandsunny waves

James island sunset

Donna Mopar and sunset

rainbowsunsetJames Island view

In the morning we had corn fritters and bacon for breakfast.

corn fritters_2 and then checked out the beach.

Donna mopar and foam

donna dogs and tree

sea foamdogs and foam

I had a BLT sandwich for lunch.


It started raining hard so we enjoyed staying in the cabin with knitting, reading and a jig saw puzzle.

wood stovejig saw

For dinner we had enchiladas with Special K cookies for dessert.

enchiladasSpecial K cookies

On my birthday morning I had Captain Crunch cereal for breakfast and we headed out to Neah Bay.

breakfastelkWe then hiked in the rain and mud to Shi Shi beach.

seastackShi Shiwet at Shi Shirocks Shi ShiTom Shi Shibeachsouthern rocks

Donna at Shi Shi

Donna on trail to Shi Shi

We returned to our cabin, dried off and had an amazing birthday dinner with mesquite barbecued tenderloin steaks, baked potatoes with all the fixings, green beans and my grandmother’s onion cheesies.

birthday dinner2

Then I got to open some cards and presents and enjoy my birthday cake.

birthday candlesbirthday cake

The next morning we had my grandfather’s train malted french toast for breakfast,

malted french toast

after Tom had taken the dogs on a walk.

Tom and dogs at Quileute Oceanside Resort

It was a rainy morning so Tom made French Onion soup while I knit and read (and recovered from our hike).

french onion soup

The weather then cleared some and we took a walk on the beach tot he Quileute River and marina.

dogs on beach

Quileute Riversinking boatI had finished one sleeve on my sweater

sweater sleeve done

and we had tacos for dinner.


We then played a game of Sorry!, watched a coast guard boat in the water and shared a banana split for dessert.

Sorrycoast guard boat

banana split

After a dog walk on the beach,

Tom and dogs again at Quileute Oceanside Resort

sunny waves_2


we headed south going to Ruby Beach,

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach

sun and clouds

and then had lunch at South Beach.

PBJSouth Beachbeach treesWe headed through Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores sign and arrived at our cabin at Iron Springs Resort.

kitchen view from Iron Springs cabin

Tom and Mo relaxing in Iron Springs cabinBBQ

We had a nice sunset,

sunset at Iron Springs

sunset at Iron Springs2

and a barbecued fish dinner.


In the morning we had breakfast with banana pancakes

banana pancakes

and we relaxed and had grilled cheese and reuben sandwiches for lunch.

grilled cheese sandwich


We then walked on Copalis beach with the dogs.

loose beagles on Copalis beach

reflecting water

cliffsour truck and cabinCopalis Rock

Sunny in ocean muckRocky in ocean muck



Donna and dogs on Copalis beach


We had Jiffy Pop popcorn for a snack,

jiffy pop

and Tom prepared a BBQ rib dinner.

Tom and BBQ


The next morning I woke up before Tom so did a quick jig saw puzzle,

jig saw_2

before we had buckwheat pancakes for breakfast.

buckwheat pancakes

I got some more knitting done


one sleeve sweater

before lunch with Spaghettios.


We then headed to Hoquiam, Aberdeen and Ocean Shores to see some sites in Kurt Cobain’s life.

Hoquiam river

2830 Aberdeen Avenue Hoquiam

Olympic Inn

We went to the Young Street Bridge tributes to him.

guitar statue

Riverfront Park signSomething in the Way sign

Cobain plaque

under Young Street Bridge

Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

Kurts Air Guitar

We went to the nearby “Felony Flats” home.

1210 East First Street Aberdeen

and the store where he bought his first guitar.

Rosevears Music Center in Aberdeen

The house where he slept on the porch in a refrigerator box.

609 West Second in Aberdeen

408 West First in Aberdeen

404 North Michigan in AberdeenHigh School in Aberdeen1000 East Second in Aberdeenbuilding in Aberdeen

The Pourhouse in AberdeenWe visited the much maligned statue of him, the recent mural and the modified Aberdeen welcome sign.

Cobain status at history museum

mural in Aberdeen

sign in Aberdeen

We then headed back to Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores shark

Ocean Shores beach

and saw the Polynesian Resort where he worked as a janitor.

The Polynesian in Ocean Shores

We headed back to our cabin and had taters tots for a snack.

tater tots

He and been really hungry so ate too many tots spoiling our appetite for a dinner of tamale pie,

tamale pie

and brownies for dessert.


The last day of our trip we headed home but stopped by Montesano to see homes where Kurt had lived with father

413 Fleet Street in Montesano

and his grandfather.

Country Estates Mobile Home Park trailer 1

We then headed to Olympia where we saw the house where he wrote most of his songs,

114 Pear Street in Olympia

and then went to King Solomon’s Reef where I had Mac and Cheese (apparently his favorite) and Tom had chicken fried steak.

mac and cheese

King Solomons Reef inside

King Solomons Reef sign

Don't fear the reefer

We then headed home in the rain and brought lots of leftovers to our critters.

chickens geese cookies bread pie

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