Signs of Spring are Everywhere

chicks in box

We woke up this morning at 5:30 with the phone ringing.  It was the post office calling telling us our chicks had arrived.  Tom went to go get them while I got their pen warmed up and their water and food ready.  Above they are in their shipping container, and below they are under the heat lamps.

chicksThe grass is growing too so we started rotational grazing today.  Here are the sheep on grass for the first time this year.

grazing sheepAnd her our calf is greeting our rams and llama through the fence after rotating into the field next to them.

rams llama and calf meeting

And here is a goose egg I found under the rabbit hutch in the barn.

goose egg

Finally, it is opening day of baseball!!! Below is Nelson Cruz’ first at bat as a Seattle Mariner in the regular season.

knitting and Nelson Cruz first at bat

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