Goat Hooves and Sheep Udders

The sheep and goats rotated to a pasture near the barn so I was able to catch them for assessments.  The goats’ hooves have been an ongoing issue, and I wanted to check them.  With one exception, the goats I gave Fusogard vaccine to are doing better while some of the others are worse.  I trimmed all their hooves and applied  zinc sulfate solution.

Jemina and Heidi

Then I tried to catch all of the sheep in the barn and inspect the ewes’ udders.  Bam Bam and Lewis escaped into the flock last January, and any ewe who was impregnated will be due in early June.  So I am trying to identify who might be pregnant so I can give them extra nutrition and attention.  Jemima  and Heidi above have some udder swelling as does Amanda/Madison below.

AmandaNext is Mona below who is fighting with Wilma who was supposed to be pregnant and due in early May and does not seem to be.

Mona and Wilma

Finally Wink has the largest udder of all.  Unfortunately she is the elderly mother of Bam Bam and really should not be bred.  Wish us luck that not all of these ewes are pregnant, and there are not any others as well.

Wink with udder

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