Late Spring Farm Chores

corn starts

Today I have the garden almost completely planted.  I put in the starts of corn, sunflowers, cucumbers and the last of the onions.  We just have tomatoes and sweet potatoes to go.

I sheared the remaining three elderly sheep; Sheila, Sadie and Bobbitt.  Sheila is one of our oldest sheep at 16.  Sadie is my first sheep, and she is 17.  Sheila and Sadie are blind.  Bobbitt is the lamb in our wedding photo and is 12.  I decided not to shear Lonny (also 12) because I think he is coming to the end of his life.  He is not eating much nor moving much.  I am worried shearing is an unnecessary stress for him but am concerned he will be uncomfortably hot the next couple of days.  I hope I made the right decision.  Here is Sadie, not too happy about her hair cut.

shorn sadie

I also brushed our Satin Angora rabbits.  I am trying to brush them more regularly to present matting and keep them cooler.  Here is Beavis, not too happy about his brushing.

brushed BeavisThis wore me out.  More of the same tomorrow.

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