Oso, Kurt Cobain and Vietnam War

Oso sign

We decided to take a day off of farming and working and do some things I had been wanting to for a while.  The first thing was we visited Oso.  I had not wanted to go there while the rescue and reconstruction efforts were going on as I would be getting in the way.  So yesterday morning we drove up there.

Oso Chapel

As they always say, it is much more impressive in person.  Photos do not do justice to the size and scope of the disaster.

slideSteelhead Drive

They had a really nice tree memorial at the site for those that died.  There was little tributes on and around these trees.  I was crying but when I got to the dog tribute toward the end I kind of lost it.

tree memorial

But there was a really beautiful flag across the road which helped.


Then we drove into Seattle to try to finish the Kurt Cobain tour we started on my birthday trip.  We went to his first house in Seattle,

11301 Lakeside Avenue NE

one of his favorite restaurants,

Cactus restaurant

and Viretta Park.

Viretta Park bench1

We peeked into the last house he had

171 Lake Washington Blvd gate and its garage.


Then we went to Linda’s Tavern, the last place he was seen alive

Linda TavernLindas bar

and the Central Saloon where Nirvana first played in Seattle.

The Central Saloon

We then hit up the Nirvana exhibit at EMP.

Nirvana at EMPNirvana at EMP2Nirvana at EMP3Nirvana at EMP4Nirvana at EMP5Nirvana at EMP6

We ran out of time to go to the Crocodile Cafe and the Marco Polo Motel.

We then went to visit my step father to hear about his experiences in the Vietnam War.  This was the really reason for the trip south, and I prompted it by first watching the American Experience show about the fall of Saigon on its 40th anniversary.  It was very interesting to hear his first hand accounts and see pictures.  I am so glad he was able to share these with us.  And I will remember the images of Haley and Gilbertson, men from his unit that did not make it home.

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