Younguns Update


The young roosters are enjoying their little jungle.
young roosters in their jungle Tom did not have any names for the pigs so he is letting me name them after some of the Seven Dwarves.  So from left to right meet Happy, Dopey and Sneezy.

Happy Pokey and SneezyI let the younger lambs and their mamas out of their pen today.  This caused a lot of anxiety but things seem to be settling down now.  Here’s Wendel,





and Hodor.


The older lambs are growing up quickly.  They looks almost as big as Wink, Walda and Wendel’s ewe.  Here’s Tammy Wynette

Tammy Wynetteand Maybelle Carter.

Maybelle CarterI am willing to sell some of the lambs to a reliable shepherd.  Walda, Harlen and Tammy Wynette are for sale for $75 each.

In non-youngun news, our blueberry plant came through for us again.  On the first picking today I got 2.5 pounds of blueberries!






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  1. epeavey1 says:

    My blueberry bushes are loaded with so many blueberry’s also, rain for the last two days so maybe today pick some blueberry’s. I really like the names you gave the older lambs the young ones are really cute. Ellen from Georgia

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