Escaping Pigs, Swamp Grass Experiments, and a Bee Fiasco

pigs in pasture

The pigs escaped into the donkey pen the other day.  They terrorized the donkeys, chasing them around and pooping in their water container.  So Tom moved them out to pasture a little earlier than we planned this year.  You can tell by their noses, they have already been rooting it up.  We poured some particularly bad cider on their feed this morning.  Below you can see where we poured the cider on the right they did not eat, and they finished the left side which did not have any of this cider.  Apparently they have similar tastes to ours.

pig feed

We continue to battle the swamp grass here.  Last spring I burnt two passes of swap grass in a pasture to see if it would help.  Below you can see on the right where I burnt the swamp grass is somewhat stunted compared to the grass on the right which was not treated.

burnt swamp gradd

But below you can see where Tom made a pass with our rototiller in the pasture near the fence line and then spread grass seed last spring.

rototilled pass

So we decided that rototilling was successful.  Tom then rototilled one of our pastures which is particularly infested.  He then reseeded it.  Hopefully we will have lots of forage for our animals and no swamp grass.

rototilled field

I have been feeding the bees some sugar-water recently.  Today I went to check their supply and noticed that they were out.  So I brought them a baggie with new syrup.  But when I went to put it in their hive I noticed that the bag was leaking.  So I went back to the house to get another bag.  I poured the sugar syrup into the new bag but did not realize that I had gotten the syrup on my gloves and bee shirt.  The bees started coming after me and two stung me on my right (dominant) hand through my glove.  I ran my hand under cold water and took 2 Benadryls.  The I ran around getting some last second chores done until either the Benadryl made me fall asleep or my hand swelled up so I couldn’t use it.  It seem alike the Benadryl is winning that race.  Here is the last view of my hand before the swelling starts.

my hand

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6 Responses to Escaping Pigs, Swamp Grass Experiments, and a Bee Fiasco

  1. Michelle says:

    Methinks you make farming a little TOO exciting!

  2. Denise says:

    that’s quite a day! New grass looks like it’s coming in nicely, hope the larger scale re-seeding is successful in knocking back the swamp grass.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Denise! This all happened over a couple of days. Here’s hoping we can get forage grass to grow instead of swamp grass.

  3. Leigh says:

    Interesting post. We don’t have swamp grass, but we don have other unwanteds in our paddocks that we’ve been battling for years, especially ground ivy and deadly nightshade. I thought about a controlled burn, but everything as been damp for quite awhile and we couldn’t keep the fire going.

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