So we had some big (and I mean big!) excitement this morning.  While we were doing the animal chores, I noticed that the bull Rowdy was out behind the back pasture fence in the wooded area we call the back forty.  I yelled for Tom and just then Rowdy jumped the fence into the pen with the ram, wethers and two ram lambs in it.  Rowdy and Bambam Too (our Shetland ram) started ramming each other quite hard.  I have seen rams going at it, but I have never seen a bull and ram fighting.  It was violent and Bambam was being thrown far, but he kept getting up and going again despite my yelling.  Tom was going to get the wire clippers to open up the fence and get the bull out, but Rowdy then decided to jump the fence toward me.  Fortunately I had already gotten the donkeys and goats out of harm’s way.  We convinced Rowdy to go through three gates back to his cow.  Indy, our calf, had been bellering so we do not know if Rowdy was trying to get to her (although he was initially heading the wrong direction), if he was trying to get to the neighbors cows, or he wanted to find better grass.  Despite being literally tossed around Bambam seems fine.
bambam too

I know I posted a video of this one year ago, but I could not help taking video of the bees on the ivy flowers again.  It is such an amazing phenomenon with the fervent activity and the loud buzzing.  Here it is:

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  1. Michelle says:

    Wow; glad your hard-headed ram is okay!

  2. Gail Von Bargen says:

    What a beautiful ram. It’s fun to read your blog again.

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