New Year’s Weekend

boles in snow

Over the weekend we visited our 1969 Boles trailer in the mountains.  There had been quite a bit of snow up there, and it was quite cold down to 0 degrees at night.  The valley was fogged in, but it was beautiful and sunny at our elevation of 4000 feet.

tom and boles in snow

We snowmobiled to get to the Boles and then went further into the mountains.  The views were amazing including Mounts Rainier and Adams.

rainier and adams

tom dad and rainier posing2

We went up to Lions Rock which was spectacular.

lions rock

Tom practiced some jumping.

tom jump

We ate well in our trailer and stayed warm by our woodstove.  Tom and my Dad studied maps, planning a summer trip.

reviewing maps

Unfortunately my vintage snowmobile died so we decided to cut our trip short and went into Roslyn to watch the Seahawks stomp the Cardinals at Marco’s.

marcos and football

dad at marcos

All in all a great trip but shorter and colder than I expected.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve ridden my horse down the main street of Roslyn; fun!

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