Sunny and Hay

On Friday morning Tom and I woke up at 5:30 AM to find the house with large amounts of bloody diarrhea.  There were 6 large puddles, very red and stinky.  Both of us were vomiting immediately trying to clean it up.

Initially I suspected it was from Mopar, since she has liver problems, has been eating poorly and losing weight.  But then I noticed Sunny did not get out of bed to help with putting dishes in the dishwasher like she always does.  She had vomited the prior evening too.  So I brought both of them into the vet.  Here is a photo of Sunny there.

sick sunny

And here are photos of how Sunny usually looks:

Sunny sit Sunny in ocean muck Mo and Sunny on road

She is normally a go-getter.  She had lost three pounds, and it became obvious that she was the sick one.  I then remembered that she had gotten into the Wassail garbage on Tuesday morning.  So she stayed at the vet’s receiving IV fluids and a myriad of mediations (for a total of over $600).  Now she is recovering.  She is supposed to take it easy.  She is still on 4 medications and a special diet.  But she is now acting like her old self again.

In other news, this is the time of year that I always contemplate our hay supply.  I figure we need to be feeding full rations of hay from mid-October to mid-March, but it often ends up longer because of weather issues.  This year we have used up a little more than half of our supply.  So if our spring weather is agreeable, we should be OK.


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6 Responses to Sunny and Hay

  1. We were mulling over our hay situation this weekend as well. We normally feed out 3 4×5 bales a day to each of our cattle herds but because of the snow we got and the single digit temps and wind we double it from Thursday through yesterday. We’ll be okay if we don’t have too many of those days from now through April.

  2. Michelle says:

    We will definitely have to buy more hay before this year’s is cut. We thought we bought enough to squeak through after putting the pony down, but clearly that was not so.

    • Donna says:

      I am sorry to hear about that Michelle. Ours cost so much because of the drought I feel like it has gold in it. We will be squeaking by.


  3. sheepsclothing says:

    hope Sunny is ok!

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