has been a hard month this year.
Our neighbor died unexpectedly at home.
Another neighbor found out she was being laid off from her job and that very night their house burnt down, taking almost all of their possessions and at least 3 cats.


Please provide support for them through their GoFundMe site.  This is devastating to them. They had no insurance and need your support.

We have not had death in our immediate family and our house has not burnt down, but this has been rough month for us as well.  We lost a duck and were scared of losing Sunny, our beagle.  We have both been working long hours at our jobs off the farm.  It has been cold, rainy and/or windy all month.  The skies are grey, during the brief hours that you can see it.  I have been tired, feeling worn out and sleeping more than usual.  I do not have the energy for extra farm tasks, just the basics.  And we are endanger of losing our public radio station KPLU where our favorite blues show is broadcast.

So what do you do for the January Blues?

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6 Responses to January

  1. Michelle says:

    I just keep slogging. Wish I could sleep more!

  2. hayseede says:

    I knit when I am unable to do anything more. So sorry for your neighbors losses….

  3. sheepsclothing says:

    Really sorry to hear about your neighbors. That’s awful.January-February are always hard. I find spinning to be more therapeutic than knitting, even.

    • Donna says:

      It’s Colette and Alice that you met at last year’s Wassail. They actually live closer to you than to us. I was hoping February would be better, maybe not huh? And I should spin instead of knit?

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