It Has Been Raining

at Schoonover Farm.  On February 14 we had over 2 inches of rain over 3 days and then more than 3 more inches by the 18th.  It was record rainfall for December 1 through February 18 in Seattle, and we get a lot more rain than they do.  It is to the point that there is jet skiing on a cow pasture up the road from us.

But we have not flooded here.  Our geese have been enjoying a puddle in our pasture.

geese puddle

Today though it did not rain (so far).  The sun was out, and you could see blue sky.  The cherry tree is blossoming, and it seems like spring is here.

cherry blossoms and blue sky

This means that most of us survived the winter.  Three sheep (Sadie, Bobbitt and Sheila), one goat (Bambi), one duck and 6 hens did not though.  But the rest of us are alive and going to enjoy a beautiful spring!

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