I Should Have Known Better

than to pronounce the end of winter AKA “Death Season”.   Shortly after I did that the weather turned cold, and our old llama and “Old Rooster” wouldn’t walk or eat for 2 days.  The weather warmed a little, and they both made remarkable recoveries.  I have been trying to make sure all the critters have good nutrition, clean water and adequate shelter.  I have been especially worrying about the thin older animals.

But I was not worrying about Monette.  She was walking around fine, even running if food was involved.  She was eating well and acting normally.  Then yesterday morning as I was doing chores I noticed her under the rabbit hutch, not interested in walking or eating, even treats.  She died shortly after that.  It was such a shock as she wasn’t on my radar to even be concerned about.

She has a special place in my heart for a lot of reasons.  The first is that she was one of the lambs from my all time favorite ewe Babette.  She was also a star at our wedding, pictured here in front with her brother Bobbitt.

Monette and Bobbitt at wedding 2003

Monette and Bobbitt at wedding 2003

She grew into a nice ewe who enjoyed the occasional scritching but especially treats.

Monette 2005

Monette 2005

She looked like a little grey puffball in our barn and fields.

Monette 2007

Monette 2007

She had an expressive face.

Monette's face 2009

Monette’s face 2009

I learned how to spin using her mother’s wool, and Monette’s was just like it.  Their wool was like a dream for me to spin with it’s softness and its length.  It’s hard for me to put into words what it is like, the familiarity and the connection to the animal.  It was like spinning butter (if only you could actually spin butter).

Monette on butt 2010

Monette on butt 2010



She always had a winning personality and was amusing to watch in the pastures.

Sarge and Monette 2012

Sarge and Monette 2012

In addition to gorgeous wool, she also produced lovely lambs.  There was Mojo, Mona (who we still have), Monty, Mortimer, Rhett, Scarlett, Mak, Jill, and the triplets Bette, Vette and Velvet (pictured below).

Monette's triplets 2013

Monette’s triplets 2013

It is hard for me to describe the loss I feel.  I will no longer have that beautiful double-coated grey fleece to spin again.  I will not have another sheep that looks like Babette.  I will never have another amusing little grey puffball running in our fields.

Monette 2015

Monette about to be sheared 2015

I miss you Monette.

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10 Responses to I Should Have Known Better

  1. Denise says:

    Oh No! I’m so sorry. So she was about 13? Any idea what did her in?

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Denise!  She would have been 13 in May.  I do not know what happened.  Her ears were back like she was in discomfort.  Maybe an abdominal issue?

  2. hayseede says:

    Oh so sorry–have had a few animals like that myself…so hard

  3. Michelle says:

    Aw, shucks. This has been a most cruel season for you; I’m really sorry.

  4. Jackie craw says:

    So sorry for your loss! What a great sheep!

  5. Tina T-P says:

    Sorry for your loss of Monnette.

    We think both Donna & Vanessa are “with lamb” – We sheared a week ago today – two young kids from my friends 4-H group – they had both taken the WSU shearing class and they did just a great job! The nekked sheep have all been hanging out in the barn until today – all out in the pasture.

    Wishing you a happy spring. T.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Tina! I am glad to hear there will be Donna and Vanessa lambs this year. I am sure they will be cute! Also thrilled to hear shearing went well. Ours is not til the end of the month.


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