Pheasant Pen Remodel, Windstorms’ Bounty and Dead Beehive


Our “pheasant pen” is in desperate need of a remodel.  Above is the pen in 2006.  The netting was pulled down in a snowstorm 2 years ago, the peasants escaped, and the barn gutters were ruined.  So now we need to replace the gutters as well as the barn wall which is rotting away.  Most of the fence posts needs to be replaced as well.  So today I pulled down the fence panels and the rotten fence posts.  The sheep enjoyed this as they debarked the trees that were trying to grow in there.

pheasant Pen remodel

We have had some wicked windstorms recently.  There was one on Thursday which knocked out our electric and phones lines.  Then there was one on Sunday that took out our internet cable.  Here is a short video of our front yard during Sunday’s storm.

During that storm the top of a spruce tree fell next to our house.

spruce top on side of house

The bounty we got from the storm was that today I took the tractor and drug this top into the goat area.  They seem to be enjoying it, and I enjoy free animal food.

windstorm bounty

In very sad news, our bee hive died sometime in the last 2 weeks.  I thought it seemed fine then, but now there is a handful of dead bees and plenty of honey and fondant for them to eat.

dead beehive

I can only hope the missing bees found a new home.  At least I will get some honey, but it is too late to start over, plus it is a lot of money.  So I guess there will not be a hive this year.  So sad.  I really enjoyed these bees.

honey and dead bees

To leave this post in a cheerier tone, here’s is our peacock.  I was mesmerized by the colors of his wings in the sunlight today.

peacock side

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