Random Farm Sights

peacock tail

Peacock tail

big mushroom

Large mushroom under camper van bumper


Sunrise with crescent moon

peacock silhouette in sunrise

Peacock silhouette in sunrise

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2 Responses to Random Farm Sights

  1. Pat Renau says:

    Hi Donna! It’s Pat Renau in Maple Falls. The three Shetlands I got from you 7 years ago are all doing fine and I still have 1 from 14 years ago!! Glad to see you are still there. I have a question on finding a shearer…the two I have used the past few years are suddenly not available. Would you have any contacts that you would recommend for Whatcom County? Thank you and I’ll keep looking in on you from time to time. Pat

    • Donna says:

      Hi Pat, I had thought you had sold your sheep and moved away. So glad to hear you are all still together and doing well. Our shearer travels through in the spring and is gone now. I will email you a local shepherd’s contact for the information on the shearer he uses in Whatcom County. Good to hear from you! Donna

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