Chicks and Shearing

Do you remember on Chicken News that I had a hen sitting on eggs in a red bucket?  Well, those eleven eggs have now hatched, three by yesterday morning and eight more by this morning.  The chicks and the hen have been successfully moved to the ground.  The mama hen is protecting them and showing them how to eat and drink.


Today I also sheared the last of our old skinny sheep, leaving the worst for last.  Hazelnut is a wild sheep, and it was quite difficult getting him caught and on the shearing stand.  And then he did not cooperate at all, moving side to side frequently and falling off the stand at times.  Here he is in younger days, but you can see the wild look in his eyes.hazelnut

So this in a nutshell is the good and bad of having farm animals.  You get to live with them, including cute young ones.  But you have to take care of them, including the ones who are not cooperative and do not appreciate your efforts.

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7 Responses to Chicks and Shearing

  1. Have to love those broody hens, determined to be a mother. Great.

  2. Denise says:

    what a cute little chicken family. 🙂 Bet you’re glad to have hazelnut done. Some really are a lot tougher to manage than others.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Denise! They are a cute family and a little more diverse than I thought they would be. So glad to have hazelnut done. I was dreading it.


  3. Ruth Terry says:

    You have my heartfelt admiration! I know you work hard, and have fun and a lot of love!

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