More Bird News

So the little brown chick from Friday is missing and presumed dead.  I guess that hen can count.  But this morning there were two light yellow chicks running around the barn.  One of the goats stepped on one of them so we kicked the goats out.  We pulled up the floor boards of the sheep feeder and found this:

secret nest

secret nest

There are  a lot of eggs in the nest.  So we put the chicks back with their mother, tried to clean it up a little down there and provided some feed and water.  

Our pen hen has been missing for about a week.  I found what I think are two peafowl eggs in the barn before she disappeared.  The peacock is calling for her constantly.  So we do not know if she died or is sitting on a hidden nest somewhere.  Tom went looking for  a nest out front with his goat assistants.

Tom and his entourage

Tom and his entourage

He did not find her.  So we may have quite a few more chicks yet this year.

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