Boles Deck and Fourth of July Weekend

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This weekend we went to our Boles Aero trailer.  We brought our three dogs partially to avoid the fireworks.  Here is Sunny looking cute in the Boles door.Sunny in Boles door

The other reason for the trip was to build a deck off the Boles.  Here it is under construction with my father and husband.

Tom and Dad building deck

And here are two view of it mostly completed.

Boles qwith partial deckBole with deck

Then the next day was time to play and relax.  Tom and Dad went on a trip over Manastash Pass.

Tom and Dad going ADVing

I went on a walk with the dogs.  Here is Sunny at the middle bottom of the photo on our walk.

Sunny going down hill

Then I knitted, finishing my Mrs. Roosevelt mittens.

Mrs Roosevelt mittens with Rocky and fire in Boles

Mrs Roosevelt mitten finished

And I finished my book about Muhammad Ali.  Today we drove home, and traffic was nice for the most part.  I checked on the critters and noticed these birds.  I have been trying to get a photo of them for a while, but they are always too fast.

golden birds

This photo was taken with my barn camera which apparently dried out over the weekend!

We did not have time to take a photo with our corn this year, but some of it is more than waist high.

So all in all, we had a great weekend.  Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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