Remedies and Peaches

Tom bought this book at a thrift store the other day.  There is no date on this print, but the original one is from 1820.

Pow-Wows title page

There is a cure for whooping cough which is somewhat fascinating.

Whooping cough cure

There is another for rabies.

rabies cure

There is a recipe for getting chickens to lay more eggs.

make chickens lay more eggs

And another to get sheep to grow more wool.

increase growth of rool

We do have rabbit dung, but I am not sure I am willing to make a powder of it much less feed it to our chickens.  But the question is should I buy buttermilk for our next shearing day?

In unrelated news, here are the homegrown peaches that I canned this morning.

canned peaches

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  1. Denise says:

    buttermilk, eh? sounds like a crazy mess to me!

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