Fiber Day, August 18 2016

Hello all,

I need to let you know that I will not be participating in Fiber Day this year because I need to attend my brother-in-law’s funeral.  The Fiber Day Market will be from 1 – 6 p.m. at 6200 N. Green (south of Bow Hill Rd. along Old Hwy 99) in Skagit County.

My friend Denise will have my roving for sale there though. She and the other fiber vendors will have lovely products for sale as well. I do have my products available online or at home also.  There are photos of our rovings that will be available at Fiber Day for $3 per ounce and of our yarns that are available from our farm for $9 per 250 yard skein.

mioget katmoget roving

mioget katmoget Shetland roving

mioget roving

mioget Shetland roving

grey roving

grey Shetland roving

black roving

black Shetland roving

brown Shetland skein

brown Shetland skein

CVM skein

CVM skein

California Red skein

California Red skein

mioget Shetland skein

mioget katmoget Shetland skein

moorit Shetland skein

moorit Shetland skein

There is more information about our wool products at and at  

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