Natural Colored Shetland Roving and Yarns for Sale

We at Schoonover Farm have rovings for sale. They are from the 2016 shearing of our Shetland sheep. They are all natural colored.: black, grey, mioget (golden brown) and mioget katmoget (cream). The sheep were carefully shorn, and the fleeces skirted well. The wool was sorted and sent to Zeilinger Mill for processing into roving. They are now for sale for $3 per ounce.


Shetland rovings

We also have yarns for sale. We have mioget katmoget Shetland yarn for sale. This is from our lamb Wendel and our ewe Jemima. This is a mixture of double coated and intermediate style Shetland fleeces. It is lgiht golden brown in color. It was spun by Stonehedge Fiber Mill as 2 ply sport weight yarn. It is available for $9 per 250 yarn skein. We also have moorit (chocolate brown) Shetland yarn for sale. This was made from our Shetland ewes Heidi, Miss Lizzie and Amanda. Their intermediate style wool was processed by Stonehedge Fiber Mill into 2 ply sport weight yarn. It is also $9 per 250 yard skein.

mioget katmoget Shetland skein

mioget katmoget Shetland skein

moorit yarn skein

moorit Shetland skein

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4 Responses to Natural Colored Shetland Roving and Yarns for Sale

  1. Linn Currie says:

    Hello Jenny, please let me know what is micron count for the new natural colour rovings.
    Thank you

    • Donna says:

      Hi Linn,
      I do not do micron testing on my wool. The grey and the black are from double coated fleeces and the mioget and mioget katmiget are largely intermediate style. None of them are from fine fleeces.

  2. Oh, these are so beautiful! I wish I could knit!

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