Donuts, Vultures and Pomace

So I stopped to buy gas on the way home from work this morning.  Inside the station there was a box of stale donuts for sale for $1.50.  I decided in a moment of weakness to buy these chocolate glazed and apple fritter donuts for our pigs.  I wanted to spoiled them in their happy but relatively short lives.  So here is the first time that they tasted donuts.

pigs and apple fritters

Here they are wondering if I have any more please.

wanting more

And here they are searching for any small leftover crumb, completely ignoring the bread slices in the background.

searching for crumbs

Tom said there were 15-20 vultures on our fence posts yesterday.  This morning they were soaring overhead.  Quite a dramatic and somewhat spooky sight.

overhead vultures

Tom pressed apples yesterday so we brought the apple pomace out to feed to the critters.  Peewee managed to bust out and get access to it before anyone else.

Peewee and pomace

She looks mighty proud.

proud Peewee

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  1. Peewee is adorable!

  2. I’m so glad you stoppd by! I’m adding you to my blog list – I have a serious case of envy here. Your farm! Your trailer – wow. It is so, so beautiful. *Swoon* Did you blog about renovations? I need all the help I can get.

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