Aftermath of Storms

Sydney changing color

It has been stormy here recently.  The first storm came through Thursday.  The animals came through it OK.  I made sure all the animals had shelters, if they wanted to use them.  Friday morning Sydney looked fine.  I noticed that she is losing her baby fuzz and her color is darkening.

sydney side

There was one inch of rain with the first storm.

one inch

Friday night another storm came through with a fair amount of rain and wind.  Sydney was missing the next morning but then showed up.  Not sure where she was but glad she was back.  Saturday night was the worst predicted storm but was not as bad as expected.  Despite that we still had some issues to deal with this morning.  One of our gates which had a partially rotted post burst open in the wind.  Because of this, the pigs got in with the sheep.  The sheep freaked out and as far as I can tell, one of my precious mioget yearling wethers got caught in some netting and pummeled by the pigs.  I thought Harlen was dead when I found him.  I managed to cut away the netting around his mouth, horns, stomach and legs while the pigs continued to go after me and Harlen.  I finally got him free and he was having trouble walking but very much alive.  Here he does not look very alive.

Harlen hurtin

But here he is looking  a little better.


He can walk but seems uncomfortable.  He is eating.  So hopefully he will recover.

Here is some of the damage the hogs did to the sheep’s pasture during their escape.

rooted up pasture

A fair number of branches are down, and I heard what sounded like a tree falling in the back of our property this morning.  It is too windy to go out there to check.  Grampa’s shed lost most of its roof as well.

grampa shed

And here is the rain gauge from this morning.

1.25 inches

Tom fixed the gate and pulled the netting down (despite his recent knee surgery) and I rearranged the animals and put the netting in a safe place.  We are both sore from our efforts and have more work to do but are happy to be inside watching the Seahawks.

Go Hawks!!!

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10 Responses to Aftermath of Storms

  1. Oh, the chickens really liked that fresh dirt. Look at them go!

  2. Denise says:

    Pummeled by pigs. Yeeks! That sounds awful. Hope he’s not to traumatized. Glad Sydney is back. She’s such a cutie 🙂

  3. Teresa says:

    What a mess. Hope Harlan is feeling better.

  4. Karen says:

    I so enjoy your blog and am amazed at what obstacles you manage to overcome and continue on for the sake of the animals, I can imagine how fortunate they are to have such loving care and I bet in their hearts they are grateful for you and your family! Bless you for what you do!


    • Donna says:

      Thanks Karen! We do continue on and do the best we can, although it is getting harder as we get older. I am glad you the enjoy the blog of our trials and tribulations.

  5. eliz martin says:

    Glad that was all, we lucked out too….at least the Seahawks won…VBG

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