Hay Feeders

sheared sheep

So today I rebuilt our hay feeder for our sheep.  Above is how it has been since we remodeled our barn.  It extended beyond the barn’s posts so had to be taken down each summer to clean out the barn and then reassembled in the fall.  We decide to have two smaller feeders realigned the other direction so it does not need to go beyond the posts and can be moved rather than disassembled each summer.

Construction in a barn is challenging.  The chickens poop on your project, the goats try to make off with the box of nails, and the friendly sheep come up to be petted while you are hammering.  There is also the danger of hardware disease. If you lose a nail or screw in the straw and cannot find it, there is a danger than an animal will eat it with potentially deadly consequences.  But despite these issues and the rainy weather, I was able to build two hay feeders for the sheep.  Here is the side view.


And here is the back view.  The sheep like it so far.


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4 Responses to Hay Feeders

  1. mcfwriter says:

    I am 95% sure that 2 or 3 of mine would jump into the box (there is a history of this 😉 I would have to put up another rail along the top.
    It’s a good feeling of accomplishment, isn’t it?Plus there’s the satisfaction of being ready for winter. Great job, Donna!

  2. Wow, do I love seeing pictures of your sheep. And that last photo – look at the chicken that snuck into it! It’s a dream of ours to have them, eventually. Sheep, I mean. We already have the chickens. 🙂

    • Donna says:

      Thanks for the comment and noticing the chicken. They kove the hay feeders. Hopefully you will get sheep. They are my favorite animal.

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