I have been dyeing wool yarn to get ready for the Holiday Festival next Saturday.  I started with using food coloring.  The first batch I was frugal with the coloring drops and got pastel colors.

Pastel skeins

Pastel skeins

The second batch I was more generous with the food coloring and got jewel colors.

Jewel skeins

Jewel skeins

Then I moved on to using Koolaid packets.  Unfortunately it is harder to find a range of Koolaid flavors now.  Last time I used it for dyeing I got gorgeous blue and green colors, but this time could not find these in the multiple stores I visited.  So my colors were more limited, although the scents are fun.


Koolaid skeins

Next I moved on to using acid dyes that I had collected over the years.  I started making a rainbow color scheme and then moved on to Seahawk colors.  Here are the skeins drying on the rack.

Seahawk and Rainbow skeins

Seahawk and Rainbow skeins

Finally I ended using more of the commercial dyes and making Cougar, Husky and Camo skeins.  Here they are drying.

Camo, Husky and Cougar skeins

Camo, Husky and Cougar skeins

If you are in the area on Saturday, November 12, please stop by the Holiday Festival.  It runs from 10-4 at the Beau Lodge on Bow Hill in Skagit County.  The address is 17581 Wood Rd., Bow.  Come say hi to us in the Fiber Room and the other 30 vendors that will be there.

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4 Responses to Dyeing

  1. Denise says:

    nice! I’ll try to bring more lights this time so people can see the awesome colors better. As I remember it’s a little dark in the Fiber Room.

  2. Tina T-P says:

    Those are beautiful – who knew you could get such jewel tones just from food coloring! Did you sell much at the sale?

    • Donna says:

      We sold about $100 dollars worth. Cost us $30+ for fees though plus all the time and work so not really worth it. But I like seeing everyone and having a chance to spin so worth it for me. And now I have leftover beautiful dyed yarn I can play with!


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