Steller’s Jay and Old Sheep Pen

While we were doing the chores this morning we heard one of our Steller’s Jays imitating the cries of a red-tailed hawk and a bald eagle.  We hear him regularly, and we think he is trying to scare off the chickens so he can get to their food.  I managed to get a video of him with his hawk cry.  I missed his eagle cry but as Tom puts it, “it needs some work”.  You can hear it about halfway through this video, between the geese’s honks.

After chores were done I managed to make an outside pen for the old sheep.  I know it does not look like much, but it should allow the older sheep to have indoor and outdoor access and not have to compete for their food.  Right now some of them are stuck in small pens in the barn so this should be a better life for them.  I hope they like it.


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