January Farming



Above is a photo of Sydney I took a couple of days ago during our cold snap.  I was noticing how well you could see her breath in the cold air and sunshine.  Today we got to catch her to give her a shot.  Both Tom and I are ill with nasty colds so this was a good time.  We finally were able to get her into a pen in the barn and give the immunization safely.  But this is what it is like trying to manage a farm in January.

While I was finishing up the animal chores, I started noticing the thick wool on the sheep (between coughing a lung up).  I particularly noticed Wendel and Harlen (brothers from another mother).  



Harlen’s wool is strikingly long and thick,



as well as being a pretty golden color.



Looking forward to spring with its warmer weather, flowers, and pretty shorn wool.

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2 Responses to January Farming

  1. Denise says:

    Harlen’s fleece looks great. So glad he has recovered completely from the pigs & netting incident.


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