Birthday Trip

view from deck

So, after recent events, we decided to splurge and go on a trip for my birthday.  We went to Iron Spring Resort near Copalis Beach.  Above is the view from our deck to the west, and below is the view to the south.

windswept trees

We mostly took it easy as it was stormy most of our time there.  Tom read and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle.

donna and jigsaw through window

We cooked our meals, and for my birthday dinner I made turkey pot pies from the turkey we have baked the night before.  I accompanied this with French Perry.

birthday dinner table

On my actual birthday it cleared up enough that we took the dogs on a relatively long walk down the beach.  That night we had a reasonable sunset,

sunset light

and moon.

moon and clouds

This morning the clammers were out in force,


and the sky turned blue as we were leaving.

blue sky

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4 Responses to Birthday Trip

  1. Denise says:

    happy belated birthday- irons springs looks like a nice place to chill out. and pet friendly to boot!

  2. Chloe Reynolds says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures. Looks like a place I chill out in for sure.

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