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The War Against Cottonwoods

  has begun.  My husband, step-son and our neighbor/tree guy came yesterday and took down our cottonwoods.  Here is our tree guy climbing one of the trees. Here is the battlefield afterward AKA our backyard. Here is the new view looking … Continue reading

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Sheep Maintenance Day

was today.  This involves us catching each of our 29 sheep, moving them to the stand and hoisting them onto the stand, securing their head.  Then Tom trimmed their hooves.  This is usually my job but with my messed up … Continue reading

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Corned Beef and Cabbage

So a nurse I work with suggested a way to make Corned Beef taste better, “not like a salt lick”.  This was from her mother who boiled it for 2 hours and took it out of the water to let … Continue reading

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