Winthrop Blues 2017

So we went to the 30th anniversary of the Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival this weekend.  It is Tom’s 14th year and 13th for me since I had to miss last year.  Anne and Jeff met us at our place Wednesday evening, and we had a nice farm meal of ham with peaches, peas and berries,  We then actually left on Thursday so we could get a good camping spot.

Heading out

Getting closer to Winthrop

Party RV in line

Our camping site

Our set up

On Friday we waited for Jay, Russ, Thomas and William to arrive with their friends Dylan and Kris. We also set out our blankets for our spot to watch the main stage.


They set up while we head to Three Finger Jack to support a local business and wait for my brother.  Tom went back to camp and Anne and Jeff joined me.  Then my brother Greg and his girlfriend Sue came. We then went to join the camp.

Three Finger Jack

That night the beer garden was in full swing.

Beer Garden

Saturday morning the main stage started.

Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

Southern Avenue

Between some of the shows we headed back to camp.

motorcycles in front

William at camp playing the ring game

We went back to the stage for a great show by Carolyn Wonderland.

William seemed to be enjoying himself at the shows.  Everyone around him seemed to enjoy his presence as well.

Pam and Tommy joined us in front of the main stage .
We ate dinner at camp and then headed out for Chubby Carrier.

I was not terribly impressed by Delbert McClinton so we heard back to camp and slept but others stayed out partying at the beer garden until late.

We woke up Sunday morning and got ready.

William waking up

Sometime that morning a mysterious sign showed up near our “banjo” banner.

controversial banner

The vote

We were intent on finding the culprit.

I did ask a neighbor if William could sit on his Indian motorcycle.  William was thrilled.

Sunday morning began with Ickes and Hensley again.  Then the Rae Gordon Band belted out some amazing tunes.

The Delgado Brothers followed as our crew assembled

Tom and Anne


our crowd

and then there was the impressive Sugary Rayford.

This was followed by Lukas Nelson (sounding a lot like his father Willie).

Then it was time to get ready for Too Slim and the Taildraggers.

too slim

We had tome to take a selfie.


Too Slim was amazing as always.  We briefly brought our chairs back to camp then headed to the beer garden.  There Sugaray and Rae Gordon lead the All Star Jam, and it was amazing.

Sugaray in beer garden

Afterwards we headed back to camp and hung out with our family and friends.

This morning was time to pack up and say goodbye.  One of our neighbors did fess up to making the Banjo or Penis voting sign.  We all had a good laugh over that one and will save the sign for next year.

After good byes and final group photos, Anne and Jeff headed out on a bike ride while we headed home.

Anne riding away


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