and the living ain’t easy.  There has not been any rain in our gauge since June 20th.  So we have been watering most everything.  We have been watering the vegetable garden, the herbs, the orchard, the animals and the pastures.  The grass is not growing so we have started feeding hay to the cattle, the goats and the skinny sheep.  Thanks to the watering, the weeds in the garden are going crazy.  And we are having to harvest.  Yesterday Tom picked raspberries, blueberries and peas.  I froze 22 cups of blueberries and 12 cups of shucked peas.  Today I picked a dozen zucchini.  We are having shish kabobs for dinner with marinated zucchini.  Plus I am making zucchini chips with my dehydrator.

For the pigs though, living is easy.  They are adapting to their new pen and having their water and feed brought to them in increasing amounts.

pigs eating

In other news, can you see the white spot behind the goose on her nest?

Hen behind goose

Here is the side view.  It is a Araucana hen sitting on nest under the gates next to the hay barn.

Hen nesting behind gate

So it looks like we are going to have more chickens in the near future.

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