This is the theme here this summer. Above is the amount of rain we have received here since June 20. This is a record for us as well as many others. Our fields aren’t as brown as our neighbors but our grass stopped growing a while ago. Here are our pastures.

Cattle pasture

sheep pasturedonkey pasture

So we we are spending a lot of time filling water containers and hauling hay around doubling our workload. It is getting old. Plus we are having to water our garden and orchard much more than usual. I picked our plum tree yesterday. Quite a few of the plums had dried up on the tree but despite that I got a decent harvest.


Next they will become wine.

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  1. We are on the other end of that scenario and received at least three inches every month since April and more each month January through March. It was hard to get the hay up and in the garden for the wet ground. Not complaining though because your situation is horrid and so much more work! I will be praying for a better scenario for the month of September and October for you to green your world up before “old man winter” rolls in!

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