The Summer That Will Not End

After two days of rain, it became unseasonably warm again.  Today, thankfully, was mild with some rain.

The pro to our unending summer is the prolonged growing season for our garden and orchard.  It means more work harvesting and processing fruits and vegetables.  But it means we are eating very fresh produce for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Here is a fruit salad I made for dessert with our apples. pears, and peaches and grapes from our friend Nat.

The cons include lack of pasture grass and the proliferation of hornets.  Below is Tom hosing down a huge hornets’ nest that was in the steps for our hot tub (which we have not been able to use for months due to the burn ban).  He got bit quite a few times before the “mini-Tet” he pulled on the hornets.

Plus the fruit flies are insane this year, making it hard to drink wine.

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