Jethro’s Voice and Other Barnyard Sounds

So I got Jethro as a birthday present from my soon-to-be husband in March 2003.  Here we are on the ferry to pick him up.


​He initially liked the Highland cattle more than the sheep, but he gradually incorporated himself into the sheep flock.  He became an endearing pasture fixture and supplier of cream-colored wool for my fiber arsenal.  But I noticed 2 days ago that he is looking skinny.  So I decided he should be added to the group of old, skinny sheep since he has become one.  Despite his age and skinniness he is still quite strong and still unfriendly so it was a challenge for me to catch him and move him to the barn flock.  But he does seem to enjoy the extra grain, alfalfa cubes and bread.

Today we was with his old skinny sheep when I move his usual flock to a patch of grass and clover to eat .  With this move, Jethro start to baa.  It was a very deep and resonant sound.  I realized that I have never heard his voice before.  I wanted to record it, but my barn camera’s battery was dead.  So I ran to the house and grabbed my cell phone.  By the time I got back he had stopped.  So I took literally 24 20-30 second videos hoping he would baa again.  Here is one of those videos.

​But then I realized that I captured other sounds from my precious barnyard that I could preserve.​

​But I could not capture jethro’s lovely voice that I will likely never hear again.  But I captured other voices.

PS  I still do not have the sounds of the peacock screaming, the donkeys braying, the roosters crowing, the rabbit squeaking, the llama humming, the cats meowing, the eagles screeching, the frogs croaking, the songbirds tweeting, or the goats (not sure what sound they make).  There is a list of animal sounds’ names at  I never realized how many animals’ sounds we had on our farm and all the difference names for those sounds.

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