I Met a Childhood Hero This Evening

at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.  It is Bob Newman.  He played 18 different and diverse characters on the J.P. Patches Show including Gertrude, Ggoorrsstt, Ketchikan, Miss Smith, & Paddy Wagon.  (I named many of our goats after these characters).  He was there to help promote Bryan Johnston’s new book called The Second Meanest Man in the World.  It is a book that uses these characters in a comedic who-dun-it.  The event was packed and used up all these books for sale and the chairs so I am glad I arrived early.  They had quite a few replica props from the show.


Then Bob showed up.  There were some initial problems with his wheelchair but hearing his voice and his stories brought it all back for me.


Then I got to meet and thank him.  It was magical.

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3 Responses to I Met a Childhood Hero This Evening

  1. RTCTims says:

    Thank you Donna for this blog post – Great time had by all there,
    especially Bob! 🙂


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