Rain Water Catching


I know this may not look like something amazing, but it is to us!  Tom built two of these last week to catch the rain water that comes off our barn roof.  It looks grungy on the outside, but on the inside it is clean.  So the rain in it will be cleaner than what we were using which was an open barrel.  Plus it can hold a lot greater volume of water, allowing less of it on the ground and making mud.  With this extra volume and weight, we will have decent pressure to use the hose to distribute the water rather than the old system (shown in the photo) of a bucket.  With this extra water pressure we will be able to distribute the water farther as well with little effort and back pain.  So we are thrilled.

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8 Responses to Rain Water Catching

  1. mcfwriter says:

    You had me at “less mud” – woohooo! Great job, and I’m a wee bit jealous! 🙂


  2. Michelle says:

    Something on my wish list!


  3. Love this. We have our barn set up with drainage pipes coming off barn but still waiting on barrels! Im jealous of your rainwater !


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